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Marines from Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force New York visited The School for Global Leader May 21 and spoke about the core values of the Marine Corps. The Marines are in New York City as part of Fleet Week 2009. (Official Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Kari D. Keeran)

Photo by Cpl. Kari D. Keeran

Fleet Week Marines visit NYC school

23 May 2009 | Cpl. Kari D. Keeran

Marines and sailors went to The School for Global Leaders May 21, and spoke with classes about the values that are upheld in the Marine Corps as well as the school. 
Marines with the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force – New York and sailors from the U.S.S. Iwo Jima took time out of their day to give back to the community of New York by going to one of the local schools to speak to students and help paint a mural at the school.

 “The core values of honor, courage and commitment that the Marines hold directly reflect those that we teach our students,” said Carry Chan, principal for the school. “Teamwork is emphasized as well as promoting individualism.  We highlight the importance of working as a team.”

Working as a team with the students, the Marines and sailors helped paint a mural on the walls of the school as part of the school expansion project.  The mural was drawn by students and promoted ways for the school to “go green.”

 “It’s great to see the kids who will be stepping in our footprints later in life,” said Cpl. Kenneth Williams, artilleryman with Echo Battery, 1st Battalion 10th Marine Regiment.  “Above all it’s good to be able to interact with the kids and make a difference.  All it takes for a person to make a difference is just a little time out of your day and everyone has that.”

 The students sat and listened to what the Marines and sailors had to say and were afforded the opportunity to ask many questions and learn a little about each service and person.

 “I’ve got two kids of my own and it is good to see the future so motivated, young and eager to learn,” said Staff Sgt. Brian Shields, artilleryman Echo Battery, 1/10.

 “This is an unforgettable experience for my students.  Many of them want to join the military as part of their dreams,” said Chan.  “They [Marines and sailors] are leaving a mark on the school that will not be forgotten.”

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