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Lance Cpl. Mamadou Tamboura, and infantryman with 1st Battalion 9th Marines, shows New York children the Mark 19 grenade launcher during Marine Day in Times Square, May 26. Marine Day is part of Fleet Week New York 2012, where Marines and sailors show New Yorkers Marine Corps weapons, equipment and culture.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Martin Egnash

Fleet Week New York 2012 Marine Day in Times Square

29 May 2012 | Lance Cpl. Martin Egnash Division of Public Affairs

As part of Fleet Week New York 2012, Marines displayed Marine Corps weapons, equipment and culture during Marine day in Times Square, May 26.

“We’re here to show the public what we’re all about,” said Master Gunnery Sgt. Larry DeYott, senior enlisted advisor at the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. “The people want to know what the Marine Corps is doing to fight wars and save lives.”

In one section of the event Marines showcased various weapons the Marine Corps uses. Patron were able to hold weapons such as the M16 assault rifle, MK-19 automatic grenade launcher and M249 squad automatic weapon.

“The people love getting to hold the weapons,” said Cpl. Jordan Saini, infantryman, 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment, who assisted people with various weapons. “Kids especially like to check them out. For them, it’s like having their toys come to life. Because what kid didn’t want to do this when they grew up?”

Marines also conducted Marine Corps Martial Arts Program demonstrations where Marines would grapple and show the audience some of their fighting techniques.

“The MCMAP demonstrations are very popular,” said Cpl. Kyle R. Reyes, infantryman, 1st Bn. 9th Marines, who performed martial arts demonstrations during the event. “My favorite part of the demonstrations was when a I got so show a bunch of little kids how to do a hip-throw.”

Next to the MCMAP demonstrations was a pull-up challenge where people could attempt to do 20 pull-ups. Though many people didn’t get the full 20, the ones that did were awarded free Marine Corps T-shirts.

Across the street were static displays of various Military vehicles like the HMMWV Humvee and Shrike unmanned aerial vehicle. 

Marines helped people inside some of the vehicles and showed them how they work.

“People are really interested in all our high-tech equipment,” said Cpl. Aaron Martinez, logistics chief with the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. “A lot of this stuff most people never get the chance to see.”

Overall, hundreds of people had the opportunity to get to know more about the Marine Corps, and the Marines got to know a little more about what makes New York tick. The Marine demonstrations will continue in Times Square May 27 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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