Production & Engagement
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Washington, D.C.



The Production & Engagement section provides administrative photography services Monday through Wednesday, 0800-1200 and 1300-1600, and on Friday from 0800-1400 in Room 2C249 in the Pentagon. Production & Engagement is closed for training on Thursdays. Administrative photography includes studio photos for OMPFs, command photos, photos for warrant and commissioned officer packages, meritorious promotions, officer registry, tattoo documentation, Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) photos and Marine/NCO of the Quarter/Year selection boards. These services are provided on a walk-in basis.

Marines requiring an OMPF photo must provide a Height & Weight letter signed by their CO, XO, SgtMaj or designated command representative in order to have their photo submitted to MMSB.

For question related to the administrative photo studio, call (703) 614-1887.


Digital Engagement Team

The Digital Engagement Team is responsible for the planning, management, and strategy of the flagship social media accounts (to include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube). They are responsible for sharing the Marine Corps’ story to the general public via social media. To get in contact with the DET, reach out to



Located at the Pentagon in room 2C249, the Reprographics Section develops and produces graphics and print productions.

We provide large format printing, mounting, lamination and mass print production for the CMC, ACMC, SMMC, DC's and HQMC.

To request print and graphic support please email:

The reprographics section is open from 8:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:00 to 4 p.m, except Thursday when they are closed for training in the afternoon.


Communication Directorate